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Intelligent Multi-Level Management System.

Our catamaran is equipped with a state-of-the-art ISMA intelligent management system, which can be operated via a multimedia tablet or phone from anywhere on Earth via a fully encrypted Internet connection.

You can also view video and audio on your phone from the 8 IP cameras installed on the vessel, where you can set alerts when motion is detected in areas you specify. It is also possible to locate the vessel via GPS.


Operating principle

“Management system for a watercraft, especially a catamaran.”


he object of the invention is an integrated, intelligent system for managing the operation of a vessel, especially a catamaran, with self-learning capability consisting, among other things, in self-optimization of the vessel’s operating parameters in such areas as the use of electricity and heat, selection of speed and time for covering a preset route, deck stabilization and level maintenance regardless of weather conditions, the condition of the body of water and the number of passengers, including disabled persons in wheelchairs.

The system will use the Internet, which will facilitate its independent operation. Nevertheless, for safety reasons, three levels of verification of decisions made by the system and a number of safeguards with the possibility of switching to manual control are envisaged. Thanks to such solutions, the system will make increasingly accurate decisions over time.

With ISMA, you also have access to all media information on board at any time:

  • fuel
  • grey water
  • clear water


  • state of charge of the Batteries
  • temperature
  • humidity
  • air quality (amount of bacteria)