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Hybrid drive

Hybrid engines do not generate unnecessary noise that frightens fish and other aquatic creatures, and reduce emissions of harmful compounds.

Zero emissions

Maritime shipping is making more and more demands on its enthusiasts. One of them is compliance with Stage V requirements for the amount of exhaust gas that enters the environment during operation of an engine powering various types of watercraft.

As it turns out, the traditional internal combustion engine is not the only solution. So we have a choice: hydrogen propulsion, electric propulsion, Quatroo Energy propulsion or… or hybrid propulsion!

What is a hybrid drive? It is a combination of a new generation of internal combustion engine and an electric motor. These drives can operate simultaneously or separately. Such a solution is used, for example, in our passenger catamarans, where, in addition to electric or hydrogen propulsion, we also offer hybrid propulsion in a combination of electric motor plus hydrogen cell or Euro 6, Iveco N40 Stage V diesels. Each unit can additionally have a supercharged propulsion system in the form of solar panels or a generator, which significantly reduces operating costs.

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