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Polish Hydrogen Shipping Sp.z o.o., was established in 2021 in Bialystok in response to the needs of inland and maritime transportation, whose fuel is hydrogen. Quiet and emission-free transportation using local water bodies for its organization is particularly important for cities where human life is the highest value. Where the struggle to reduce the carbon footprint has become a determinant of the technological and social level of any current agglomeration.

Our company is a continuation of the Holiday Boat Group with over eleven years of experience, which includes:

Our company was the first in Europe to build and present a hydrogen-powered passenger ship in Gdansk.

We specialize in the management of the Passenger Shipping network and the construction of unique hydrogen, electric and traditional powered vessels. Thanks to the high quality of products and the use of a number of innovative solutions, and has won recognition among customers, keeping up with their requirements and needs.

Polish Hydrogen Shipping’s products meet all the requirements of the 2016 P.E. Directive on the construction of passenger ships. The founders of P.E.I., wishing to preserve its creative character, decided that its main task would be to carry out research and development work in the area of innovative vessels in the broadest sense. The design of the catamarans, thanks to the special
interior arrangement and elevator, allows people with disabilities, even those in wheelchairs, to stay and sail comfortably.


“We would like to introduce to you the latest initiative of the
Polish Hydrogen Shipping – a branch operating within the
broader rescue industry.”

In connection with the dynamic development of the brand, one of the most important spheres of the watercraft sector, which is the subject of rescue services, has not escaped our interest. As a company that cares first and foremost about the comfort and safety of passengers, we decided to add the proverbial “brick” in the field of vessels adapted for use by emergency services.

It was for this purpose that we created unique boat models, which, according to the main design idea, were to be, above all, durable and reliable. Thanks to the careful selection of components and the shape of the boats, vessels capable of achieving the desired speeds even in shallow waters were created.

Our Company is the sixth largest company that produces aluminum boats and the only company in Europe that produces only to individual customer orders. Currently, we produce more than 30 models of boats, which are only our designs, and ship them to nearly 40 countries of the World.

Our customers are mainly individual customers – anglers people buying boats for recreational purposes and companies. Our boats are manufactured only from very good, certified materials.

Produce boats for services such as:

  • Police
  • Fire Brigade
  • Fishing Guards
  • Border Protection Forces

During our current production, we have shipped boats for patrol and firefighting purposes in the amount of about 50 pieces. We have already sent some of our references to you.

Currently, our boats are sailing in such countries as:

Greenland, Antarctica, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Estonia, Lithuania , Latvia, Turkey, Moldova, Germany, Netherlands, France Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Slovakia, Canada and many other countries.

We can share very good information with our customers that our boats have achieved great success due to very good and unusual technological and utility solutions.

We have our own design office we can customize our boats to meet the individual needs of our customers.

I.S.M.A. Rescue
Intelligent Multilevel Management System.

“Management system for a watercraft, especially a

The object of the invention is an integrated, intelligent system for managing the operation of a vessel, especially a catamaran, with self-learning capability
consisting, among other things, in self-optimization of the vessel’s operating parameters in such areas as the use of electricity and heat, selection of speed and time for covering a preset route, deck stabilization and level maintenance regardless of weather conditions, the condition of the body of water and the number of passengers, including disabled persons in wheelchairs.

The system will use the Internet, which will facilitate independent operation. Nevertheless, for security reasons, there will be three levels of verification of decisions made by the system and a number of safeguards with the possibility of switching to manual control. With such solutions, the system will make increasingly accurate decisions over time.

ISMA Rescue, which can be operated using ai multimedia tablet or phone from anywhere on Earth via a fully encrypted Internet connection. You can also view video and audio on your phone from the 8 IP cameras installed on the vessel, where you can set alerts when motion is detected in areas you specify. It is also possible to locate the vessel via GPS.

Executive Director:
Daniel Wałamaniuk