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Apartment on the water

One of a kind and the most beautiful house on the water, because created as you would like to see it.

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Houseboat HB 39 gives you a lot of space options – from an apartment where you can live comfortably even with a larger family, to a place for relaxation or even a separate corner for work, all with stunning views outside the window!

With a length of 13.5 meters and a floor space of 104 meters, the catamaran offers the opportunity to arrange the space to create comfortable rectangular rooms, which provide a total of 8 sleeping places.

We offer a complete apartment on the water including personalized design and possible improvements at a great price.

Buying even the most sophisticated apartment is more cost-effective than putting a medium-budget house and buying a plot of land. In addition, with us you also have the possibility of favorable credit and leasing and financing its purchase from the company’s social fund.

For the first time in history you can build an apartment using leasing, which is definitely more profitable than a standard loan. In addition, the purchase of such an apartment will be a full tax- deductible expense for your company.

It’s a sure purchase in uncertain times.

Given the ever- increasing price of aluminum, this is definitely the perfect investment of your funds.

An unsinkable unit that can stand or sail in any waters. A spacious interior, a sun pad and soothing views that will accompany you every day, in addition to the peace and tranquility away from the gushing bustle, mad rush and toxic fumes of the modern world.

The proximity of nature and the boundless rolling hills are at your fingertips: Hauseboat HB 39.


On board Houseboat HB 39, you can feel at home!