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Innovations of Holiday Boat Group



<span style=""color:">Quatro Energy</span>

The innovative drive is powered by energy from as many as four independent sources.

<span style=""color:" red="">Automatic Life Rescue System</span>

Catamaran, Ship and Boat Life Protection System

We are the only company in the world to launch a vessel without internal combustion engines equipped with hydrogen-charged electric propulsion, which can accommodate up to 47 people on board.

We are working intensively to develop a low-temperature hydrogen cell, an innovative solution for our business partners around the world as well. Indeed, this technology would allow for greater efficiency and dynamism in various aspects of transportation without harmful C02 emissions.

We have 12 years of experience in passenger shipping, which we would like to expand to CORGO cargo shipping as well. Thus, in the future, we plan to build local Holiday Boat Group branches in every Polish and European city that is located on inland waterways and sea waters.

Advantages of catamarans created by Holiday Boat Group:

● Optimal tilt of the unit, which ensures safety and, even in strong winds, does not cause the characteristic rocking, thus increasing the comfort of travel,

● narrow and raised hulls that produce a bow wave and allow for dizzying speeds that are difficult to achieve with a monohull craft

● excellent design virtually eliminates the possibility of capsizing during the voyage, the innovative design of our catamarans also has the advantage of making them unsinkable vessels, providing adequate buoyancy and eliminating the possibility of welding technology failures,

● the shallow draft makes the catamarans provide comfortable sailing even in shallow waters and can easily sail close to shore, which is not possible with standard yachts,

● the rooms inside the catamarans are characterized by good air circulation; while the glass in the windows with an anti-reflective system, equipped with an additional infrared filter, ensures optimal visibility and temperature even on the sunniest days,

● handicapped-accessible sleepers with an elevator

● length by 12 m to 20 m provides excellent usable space to accommodate separate cabins, a lounge, as well as exclusive restrooms or a bar,

● perfectly glazed cabins provide a panoramic view,

● a modern house on the water with a floor space of 104 to 210 square meters and at the same time a floating unit,

● the sun deck, which is an ideal place to socialize and sunbathe together.