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Holiday Boat Group

Our business is much more than just designing and building catamarans and passenger cruises. Indeed, under the name of Holiday Boat Group are:

Holiday Boat shipyard and production in Augustow

Holiday Boat Group

You will find what you are looking for in one place without too much searching!

We are capable of virtually any passenger, recreational and residential/service catamaran project using the latest technology and yet safe for the environment.

We are working on the development of our own low- temperature hydrogen cell, which emits no exhaust fumes and particulates, except for safe water vapor. Our vessels are adapted to the changing hydrological conditions of rivers and do not interfere with them.

The design of the catamarans allows them to sail even in shallow waters while maintaining adequate speed, which greatly improves the comfort of travel.

The best quality materials from proven manufacturers, with whom we have been working for 12 years, are delivered to our shipyard every day.

We make catamarans using drives already known on the market, but also those quite new and innovative.