We were the first to launch a proprietary watercraft propulsion design, which we must admit is extremely innovative and novel on many levels.

Innovative solution

The Quarto Energy drive, as it is referred to, is also an extremely environmentally friendly device:

● does not emit carbon dioxide into the atmosphere,

● does not produce even a speck of harmful dust during operation,

● reduces excessive noise that could unnecessarily disrupt water life

● quiet mode also means you can swim very close to places where the beauty of nature emerges in its full shape,

● can be powered by batteries that use solar solutions.

● renewable energy sources affect not only the operation of the engine itself, but also the equipment on board, lighting and much more.

The Quarto Energy propulsion engine is simply a lot of benefits and a whole new quality of sailing! This is because the innovative drive is powered by energy, coming from as many as four independent sources: