Electric drive

Technological developments have allowed us to introduce a modern electric motor that is powered by batteries.

Zero emissions

Internal combustion engines as a propulsion system in vessels today are not held in high esteem and are being replaced by more and more new technological solutions aimed at reducing CO2 and dust emissions into the atmosphere, cheaper operation and the possibility of a long and peaceful catamaran cruise.

These are not easy solutions, especially since today more and more powerful vessels are being designed and built – passenger catamarans such as our Sun Deck 63 H2, which can take up to 180 passengers on board, or the spacious Holiday Hauseboat with a substantial footprint. Such vessels need more power and reliability, and until recently this was provided by internal combustion engines…

So is it possible to replace such a common oil or fuel and replace it with something else? Not only possible, but also much more beneficial! Technological development has allowed us to introduce the modern electric motor, which is powered by batteries. In addition, such batteries can be adapted for solar charging, which shows how innovation and renewable energy sources can be successfully combined.

Among the most important advantages of an electric motor in a watercraft are: