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Sun Deck 60

The unit is 17.5 meters long and has a floor area of 180 m2. She features a spacious cabin, glazed on all sides, which provides ideal visibility

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Holiday Boat Sun Deck 60 is another innovation in terms of design and applied technologies, which we have successfully introduced to the Polish and European market. This

This ultra-modern catamaran can take up to 120 people on board, its heating system works around the clock, and its 2 hydrogen- charged electric motors give full power without environmental impact, which is undoubtedly a phenomenon in the industry on a global scale!


The vessel is 17.5 meters long and has a usable area of 180 m2 (including the sundeck). It features a spacious cabin with glass on all sides for perfect visibility, a mini bar, a toilet, stairs, an elevator, and plenty of seating: leather sofas, chairs, tables that can be set up in any configuration.

The deck, in addition to serving as a floating tourist vessel, allowing you to explore the area without going ashore, can also become an autonomous club or disco.

This is because the unit is also equipped with special disco lighting, a professional sound system, an innovative air conditioning and heating system, anti-reflective glass with UV coating or LED strips and light hoses in various colors, which especially in the evening create an atmospheric atmosphere.

We create disability-friendly catamarans. We provide them with safe boarding.

A shallow draft is undoubtedly one of the most important advantages of a passenger catamaran.

Our vessel is adapted for sailing in shallow areas, we can sail close to the Shipyard, canals and bodies of water, and even sail by the shore, giving you the opportunity to view the region from the water.

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