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Passenger catamarans

Sun Deck 39-4

A 12-meter catamaran fully adapted to the needs of the disabled and able to take 47 people on board. Sun Deck 39-4 is a luxury vessel whose exclusive interiors will meet all the requirements of clients.

Passenger catamarans

Sun Deck 63 H2

Holiday Boat Sun Deck 63 H2 is another model of our touring catamaran. Spacious interior, large sun deck, modern solutions and luxurious design make it a vessel that will meet the requirements of even the most demanding customers!

Apartment on the water


Houseboat, or house on water, is the future of construction, which has already gained a solid foundation, thanks to Holiday Boat Group!




The more powerful the units, the higher the expectations for the engine, which may have two or even four drives.


Quatro Energy

We were the first to launch a proprietary watercraft propulsion design, which we must admit is extremely innovative and novel on many levels.

Hydrogen propulsion

The hydrogen cell emits no emissions, is completely safe and very efficient.

Electric drive

Technological developments have allowed us to introduce a modern electric motor that is powered by batteries.

Hybrid drive

Hybrid engines do not generate unnecessary noise that frightens fish and other aquatic creatures, and reduce emissions of harmful compounds.