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Sun Deck 39-4

The 12-meter catamaran is fully adapted to the needs of the disabled and can take 47 people on board.

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Sun Deck 39-4 is a luxurious vessel whose exclusive interiors will meet all clients’requirements.

We are the first and only in the world to introduce for commercial use a 12-meter catamaran fully adapted to the needs of the disabled and able to take 47 people on board.


The 12-meter long tourist catamaran with a superstructure in the form of a sun deck and a usable area of 65 m2 has an incredible amount of space and can also function as a nightclub or disco as it is equipped with air conditioning, heating, an exclusive toilet and a mini bar, and its well-lit interior and maximum glass cabin, guarantee a panoramic view.

The catamaran will also work well as a venue for events, business meetings, fine dining, get-togethers and other private celebrations important to our clients.

Whether you are interested in a Party Boat or an exclusive passenger cruise combined with sightseeing....

The structure of our vessel is made of the highest quality materials, durable, corrosion-resistant, easy to work with and non-toxic.

All the materials we use meet certain standards and have the appropriate certificates. The designer interior in an elegant style will give a unique atmosphere to every trip.

Sun Deck <span style=""color:">39-4</span> has gasoline, solar or ultra-modern hydrogen propulsion.

We are a leader in innovation. For our clients, we create catamarans using a wide range of innovative technologies that provide personalized design, greater functionality, increased sailing safety and greater comfort.