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What if you could imagine the office floating on the water, with silence, peace, clean air and beautiful views all around?

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The catamaran is designed to take 12 people on board. With 104 meters of usable space, there is room for both office arrangement and a recreational area for employees.

Working in an office doesn’t have to be associated only with sitting behind a desk, a constantly turned on computer, small space and an uninteresting view outside the window, when opened, harmful fumes get inside. You have to admit that these are not the best conditions for work… what if you could imagine an office floating on water, with silence, peace, clean air and beautiful views all around?


Now you don’t have to imagine it anymore! After all, in our range of catamarans you will find a special model of Houseboat Office HB 39, which can become your ideal place to work! The unit also gives you the opportunity to create a work space for more people.

Dal abyssal water, light breeze, blue tide and crisp air have a soothing effect on the mind, well-being and creativity, which in turn translates into better work of the whole team.

The body of Houseboat Office HB 39 itself is so versatile that the catamaran will also find use as a store, cafe, training center, restaurant, gallery, or perhaps a library on the water? There are many ideas for arranging the interior space, and we will help our clients successfully bring them to life!

The slight draft of our catamarans allows you to sail right on shore. This is a great way to get new customers, including those who don’t want to board the ship. A company on the water is an original way to set sail with your own business!

We have also prepared favorable leasing and credit for our clients.