Our catamaran is equipped with a sun deck which comes with seats to enable the passengers appreciate the views even more. As the only company in Europe we boast a certificate which permits 25 persons on a 12 m vessel which makes it a fantastic venue for special occasion and business events.

Catamaran also in winter

No need to wait for summer to organise a cruise on our catamaran.  On board the vessel is 6 kW heating system. That means that with the external temperature of 0 degrees Celsius the temperature inside the cabin can reach up to 25 degrees Celsius.

Comfort of sailing

We’ve made sure that comfort of sailing on our vessels is at the highest level. We offer, among other elements, the following: sound-proof partition walls, professional sound system, LED and laser discotheque lighting, remote-controlled colour night lights - both in the cabin and on the sides.  On our vessels one may prepare and serve meals.


Holiday Boat Daniel Wałamaniuk

Office: ul. Mostowa 38

16-300 Augustów

Phone : 692 050 035