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We believe it to be the most technologically advanced commercial catamaran. The vessel’s design is one that will stand the test of time. Its timeless look is the class leader. The catamaran solid creates a minimum wind resistance. That translates into substantially better efficiency in operation, and improved resistance to weather conditions.
The fact that we ourselves have been using the vessel for commercial passenger cruises has enabled us to maximise its functionality and potential. Our company has been using the vessels for 5 years. So far we have provided boating services to over 140,000 passengers. Throughout that time we have carefully verified the needs and suggestions from our customers. Each and every comment has been subjected to detailed analysis. The materials used to build it meet the highest standards. Owing to this the vessel shall give you a long trouble-free operation. The floats and the structure are made of aluminium alloys. Owing to that the vessel is light and manoeuvrable. The floor and finishing is of composite teak. The board is made as a combination of resins and teak wood. The material is completely water- and mechanical impact resistant. The wheelhouse is made of resins and fibreglass. This catamaran is the first double-decked small passenger ship that comes with the „CE” certificate, which also covers the sun deck. Our company is the only one in Europe to hold a certification which permits up to 25 on board a 12 m long vessel. The catamaran comes accompanied with a permit from the Marine Authority in Gdynia, Poland for sea navigation on coastal waters in the wind up to 4 degrees on the Beaufort scale. Our catamarans are the only vessels of its kind to positively respond to waves that exceed 0.7 m. Sofas are made of a specialist marine-class leatherette and water resistant plywood.

The bar counter top is made of „Stargate” granite. Glazing is made of Polymethacrylate. The glazing is fitted with UV and IR filters thanks to which the vessel interior does not get heated by the solar radiation. Lateral and roof plating is made of non-flammable resins and fibreglass. Partition walls are made of sound absorbing plates. The vessel is equipped with professional sound system and discotheque laser lights. On board the vessel is 6 kW heating system. The system provides interior with up to 25 degrees Celsius while the temperature outside can drop to 0 degrees. The catamaran lighting system is based on energy-efficient halogen lights. Our ships are also equipped with a reversing camera with full monitoring and recording capability.
The catamaran also features navigation and mast lights, as well as 100 W bow light. The vessel is equipped with colour remote-controlled night lighting, both inside the hull and on the sides. There is a toilet booth with a 400 litres faecal matter capacity. There are also two washbasins and a refrigerator. Our catamaran boats a sun deck with seating capacity.
Our products have been approved for sale in all European Union member states. The products meet all safety requirements. They have received positive opinion from the National Labour Inspectorate and the National Health Inspectorate as regards occupational safety and health. On our vessels one may prepare and serve meals. At its première at the International Boat Show in Düsseldorf our vessel raised a lot of interest. We offer the following propulsion systems: combustion, hybrid, electric.
The catamaran may be equipped with combustion, hybrid and electric engines. Our expertise also covers solar systems used for auxiliary charging. The Holiday Boat products have been recognised as innovative which translates into significantly easier access to subsidies for that kind of investment.



We offer the following propulsion systems:


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