About our Company

The company Holiday Boat was established in 2011 by Mr Daniel Wałamaniuk. Our registered office is in Augustów - a town with long-standing boat-building tradition. Our designs and vessels meet all of the CE marking requirements. We are the only company in the entire Europe to have been granted the CE certification for a sun deck. Our catamarans have been subjected to all necessary testing which have confirmed their safe use. They have also been approved for passenger water transport by PIP, SANEPiD, PRS and Polsteam.

A dream come true

“The history of Holiday Boats is an epitome of a dream come true for the impossible, the luxury and adventure at the same time. Professional experience and thorough analysis of the market enabled us to execute a plan of wide-spanning network of passenger cruise services offered with the use of luxury catamarans” - Daniel Wałamaniuk, Chairman of the Holiday Boat.

On the course to perfection

Our pragmatic and analytical approach to passenger water transport has enabled us to develop an extremely versatile catamaran – it can serve as a passenger boat and water bus; it is a great venue for training sessions, presentations, business events, business meetings as well as special occasion events. It took us two years of unwavering effort and persistence to build the foundations of a large business.


Holiday Boat Daniel Wałamaniuk

Office: ul. Mostowa 38

16-300 Augustów

Phone : 692 050 035

E-mail: info@holiday-boat.com